August 2006 – Energy Options

Even more amazing, however, was my realization that such things in the present are only the beginning of far more innovative and environmentally friendly means for carrying out our lifestyle. This month we’re bringing you articles about the wide variety of means for powering our transportation, our homes and our businesses, by featuring comparatively new businesses, along with one that is a century old!  You’ll learn about power to be derived from renewable resources; that’s right … unlike fossil fuels with supplies depleted through use, such power as solar, wind and geothermal will be there as sources again and again. Both the for-profit and the nonprofit entities you’ll read about in this issue are working to bring these options to the community at large, through education, manufacturing the necessary components, and continuing to look for improved and new ways to advance and expand our options. Challenges? You bet! Along with exciting opportunities right here in mid-Michigan for businesses that are constantly evolving in order to experience continued success.  The Greater Lansing area already has an important place in powering tomorrow’s world.

As for the immediate future? As always, we wish you a very prosperous month ahead!

Chris Holman

Chris Holman
Chris Holman




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