August 2008 – The Great Importance of Green

Green was also connected to the game of golf; I was on the golf greens whenever I could afford to play, which was never often enough to hone my game to any sort of perfection.  I guess one could say I was pretty green (there’s that word again) at golf for many years.

Finally, there came a time when I began to connect the word with our environment. Then I began to be aware of how the Earth and the air were changing and being impacted by people like me.  Green here, I learned, means heeding the wakeup call about the importance of improving our environment.  One of the first things I did was to start recycling cans and bottles and paper.  Next, I elected to be part of my household utility provider’s green program, which uses more natural energy sources.  The satisfaction that I was encouraging greener energy certainly overshadowed the small amount of extra monetary green involved in that choice.

Today going green is becomingly increasingly cost effective, especially over the long term.  As environmental concern has grown, so also have the knowledge and expertise for going green.  The growth in the variety and number of businesses in this market is a major benefit here in the Greater Lansing area.  These businesspeople are creating a healthier and more beautiful living and working environment for us, along with adding jobs to benefit employment in our community.  Keep up the good work—dare I say, “Go Green”?

Thank you for reading this month’s issue and for being part of our Greater Lansing

business community. As always, we wish you a very prosperous month.

Chris Holman
Chris Holman




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