March 2008 – Healthcare Innovations

I hope you’re feeling as good today as I am.  I’m feeling good because I’ve gotten a pretty good appraisal of where I’m at physically.  I just finished the new 5 star executive physical at Ingham regional medical center.  It’s a tremendous program designed for people like you and people like me. Who are busy but realize that they can’t operate at optimum they ought to know why and a lot of our optimal performance is based on our physical well being.  It was a full day from jogging on a treadmill to doing push ups to exhaustion to consultations with several different physicians and at the end of the day an overall of how you of scored.  Your areas of strengths and weaknesses were and your general overall condition.  I have to say outside of the disappointment of all the numbers I’ve been on earth, I’m in pretty fair physical condition for a guy of that many years.  The peace of mind of knowing where you’re at is pretty incredible. 

I also have a couple of friends who recently went through similar circumstances to find what could have been pretty devastating conditions and they were able to head those off in the pass like they say in the old westerns and as a result they are already through recovery and back onto their very productive high paced lives.  The things we deal with everyday causes stress, exhaustion, anxiety, and everybody deals with those things in different ways and to make sure you know exactly how you deal with them keeping yourself in good condition and keeping yourself observed periodically by a professional is very important stuff.  This of course brings us to this month’s important issue on Healthcare.  There was a time not too long ago when you couldn’t pick up a newspaper and read about healthcare and exponential cost growth and how it was killing small business.  It’s been replaced in the headlines by Iraq and the economy, but it’s still a challenge that exists.  It’s good to know as you look through this magazine that we have some wonderful institutions and organizations here that are doing exactly that.  Working on the healthcare challenges to make it better and more cost effective.  I’ve applauded their efforts and wish them god speed because this truly is a challenge we need to put all of our energy and intelligence to. 

As I’m experiencing good health I wish the same to you.  As always, have a prosperous month

Chris Holman
Chris Holman




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