April 2008

Many of us remember the Michigan Festival during the years it was held during the summer on Michigan State University’s campus. I still have fond memories of famous entertainers performing, fascinating folk life exhibits during the day, delicious festival food choices and crowds of young and old enjoying a fun-filled party. Over time the Michigan Festival is gone, but having taken its place is our outstanding Common Ground “party.” Once again we have a venue providing entertainment, food and community camaraderie that we look forward to each summer. Of course, the parties don’t begin and end with this major event, because Lansing neighborhoods, East Lansing and small towns in the Greater Lansing area present their own good times throughout the year.

At first glance, it might seem unusual that a business magazine would focus an issue on entertainment — isn’t that for the arts and entertainment publications? Looking closer, it becomes apparent why we would do so:  The area festivals we present here are very good for our local business scene. These parties attract new people to our area and bring our local people together. Local businesses aid in the success of many aspects of the festivals, not only helping them become part of the community spirit but also often showcasing their products and services to a new audience. Restaurants, gas stations, boutiques and others receive business as these festivals take place. Creating a good business atmosphere while people are enjoying themselves — what an asset to the Lansing-area community!

So get out your calendar, as you will want to attend many of the festival days featured in this issue for good times this summer — and looking forward to a party is part of the fun.

As always, we wish you a very prosperous month.

Chris Holman
Chris Holman




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