October 2008 – Celebrating the Love of Food

I recently returned from a trip to Scotland, where I heartily partook of the local fare. I always consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to experience not only the food, but also the service and traditions that take place outside the United States.

There are certain things you can learn as you travel around the United States and the world. I happen to know the tradition in Scotland because I’ve been there now 11 times. I have told my friends they will try haggis sometime during the trip, but I make sure they try haggis (and actually eat it!) before they see it hanging in the butcher’s window where it doesn’t look very appetizing. In addition to the many experiences I’ve had due to my extensive travel, I’m also very fortunate to have been married for 35 years to a dietician who has led me in the directions I need to go to eat   sensibly and responsibly, while still enjoying the diversity that many ethnic opportunities afford us.

Those we have chosen to feature this month all have stories.  Some have come to the United States for better opportunities,   others simply enjoy offering us all the food of their countries or culinary heritage. The diversity of ethnic restaurants is evidenced in this issue of the Business Monthly, and it is the staff’s hope you will truly enjoy it.

On a final note, I’d like to take this chance to remind everyone that the 4th annual Greater Lansing Business Showcase will take place at the Lansing Center on October 30.

This is a great networking opportunity for the business community. There are a few booths still available; call 517-487-1714 for more information.

Wishing you a prosperous month,
Chris Holman
Chris Holman




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