July 2007 – Urban Renewal

And that’s just Downtown Lansing. There are exciting projects taking place all through the Greater Lansing area, and some are highlighted in this month’s issue. I certainly remember the excitement when Oldsmobile Park was built, specifically to house our own Lansing Lugnuts team. Now, across the street the Stadium District by the Gillespie Group is a welcome addition that will bring more people, more commerce, and more energy to Downtown Lansing.

Media attention often focuses on Michigan’s difficulties; for example, our longtime automotive industry that many define as dying with no hope of recovery, along with a state budget that is in dire need of restructuring. Wait a minute, there!  Many of our economic sectors are doing very well, and you need only to look around the mid-Michigan area to see that. Holes being dug, cranes in the sky, structural steel going up, excitement in the eyes of mid-Michigan citizens—it’s a time for feeling very upbeat, and as you look through this issue of the magazine, you’ll find many of the people responsible for that positive atmosphere. We owe them our gratitude and our support.

Thanks for being with us for this issue of The Greater Lansing Business Monthly, for supporting our magazine for 20 years, and for working with us to keep the Greater Lansing region the wonderful living and working community that it is. Have a prosperous month.

Chris Holman

Chris Holman
Chris Holman




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