September 2007 – Seeds of Growth

“You know, Joe,” said my grandfather’s friend, “I don’t think ‘they’ think we exist anymore.”

My grandfather turned to him and replied, “Oh yes they do, every night at dinner.”

He was right; people realized ‘someone somewhere’ had brought food to the shelves of the grocery, and as a result food to their table each night.  But it was all taken for granted, what was expected, and the same people didn’t think about those who grew, who processed, who marketed and distributed their food in such a very convenient manner for them.  If they had, they would have realized how very important such a process is to their very existence and economic well-being.

In the future, which begins right now, we’ll be indebted to the members of our agricultural community not only when we sit down at our dinner table, but also when we pull into the station pumps to fuel our car with ethanol, and when we pack precious materials for shipment in packing material made from corn.  The agricultural industry is changing rapidly and incredibly, expanding its products and services along with its markets.  And Michigan is at the forefront in the traditional areas and in the advancements.

I am certain you will find this issue informative and you will at the same time feel a sense of pride as you learn more about our agricultural community.  Let’s give a round of applause and a “go farmers!” to these community members who deal with the vagaries of nature and the marketplace to provide commodities we enjoy year in and year out.  They are a vital part of our future.  Read, be proud, and as always have a prosperous month.
Chris Holman
Chris Holman




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