January 2007 – Weight Management

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Not surprisingly, it occurred to us that a good follow-up to the holiday season would be an issue about wellness.  Many of us overindulged during the last few weeks of 2006, and at the time thoroughly enjoyed food and drink that in many cases are served only during the holidays.  Of course, then the problem is we pay the price when January arrives.  To escape the Michigan winter doldrums, some of us may already be thinking of warmer climates, and wondering if that swimsuit and those shorts we put aside at the end of summer will fit in time for our departure.

The medical community tells us it is not only easier to maintain an acceptable weight than it is to have significant fluctuations, but also much better for our overall health.   Often easier said than done, as the saying goes; but there are professionals featured in this issue that will help you establish good lifestyle patterns that put you on the right path.  They realize there are major differences in body style, lifestyle requirements, and even mental attitudes toward staying fit.  They will work with sensible diets and workouts that will keep you healthier, and looking and feeling fit is good for your general mental outlook as well.  We’re not saying you should expect to endure eating foods you really don’t like and exercising to the point you refuse to think about running even one more mile.  We’re talking about working with people who will develop the right regimen for you, people you’ll probably thank each time you look in the mirror or climb a flight of stairs.

Yes, we’re saying your physical health is every bit as important as your financial health, because often in many respects they are interrelated:  feeling good, working more efficiently, enjoying time with others more.  What a positive way to begin the new year.

Have a healthy and prosperous 2007!

Chris Holman
Chris Holman




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