Delta Packaging Poised for Growth

DeltaMany people don’t realize the lifespan of many products we use on a daily basis. For example, car parts. They start one place and get shipped to another. They travel by train, plane and automobile to get to where they need to go. And along the way, there are bumps and bruises. That’s one of the jobs of Delta Packaging International: to make the ride as smooth as possible.

Risch Leads MSU Packaging School

rischMost of us only think about product packaging when we can’t get one open. However, packaging is a highly researched and specialized field, with the first academic program created at Michigan State University (then Michigan State College). With 12 full-time faculty and three other staff members, Sara J. Risch oversees MSU’s School of Packaging with almost 630 students currently taking undergraduate to doctorate-level courses. And, yes, they are trying to find ways to make things easier to open.

Young Owners Embrace Lansing


As the Lansing area pushes on to stabilize what has been economically rough times, successful business owners have a reason to smile. Recently named as one of the top 10 cities for young professionals, Lansing and its surrounding communities keep moving forward with a positive attitude.

Ending Lansing’s Brain Drain


The term brain drain, which has been around since the immigration of scientists and technologists to North America from post-war Europe, strikes fear into the hearts of Greater Lansing’s business, real estate and education communities.

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