Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale Returns to REO Town

Jeremy Sprague needed a new home for his microbrewery. Ryan Wert needed a tenant for the building he wished to buy. And REO Town-goers needed more options for a night cap. Solutions came, as they sometimes do, via lunch. “Jeremy and I are friends. I see him probably weekly, at least,” said Wert, who is […]

Google Curbs Expansion of Fiber Optic Network, cutting jobs

When Google underwent corporate restructuring in 2015, the ever-so-popular search engine company formed an umbrella company, Alphabet. That same year, Alphabet’s company value even surpassed prominent hardware and software mainstay Apple. A year later, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is now restructuring. According to a New York Times article published in October 2016 by Daisuke Wakabayashi, […]

Job Growth in the U.S. Its impact on the Federal Interest Rate

The nation is glad to be closing the book on the Great Recession’s unemployment rates and low household incomes. According to a story published in The New York Times in December 2016 by Neil Irwin, the new jobs numbers signal the end of an economic era — one which included high jobless populations last seen […]

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