All in the Family

Greater Lansing Area family businesses share their secrets to success Compiled by the staff of GLBM and written by Mary Gajda Family-owned businesses are a tried and true part of Greater Lansing, but sustaining the legacy is demanding. It takes strong values, commitment, vison and focus. The most fruitful family businesses are well-founded and equally […]

A Family Affair

Melding the work-life balance has advantages It was never a calculated approach on my part, but it makes sense that members of my family have come to play integral roles in the business I started in 2002. It almost seems like it’s something that is hardwired into my genetic makeup. I come from a long-standing […]

2020 Vision for the Coming Year

Lansing’s story continues to unfold – and like any riveting edge-of-your-seat pager-turner, it seems like we’re just getting to the good part. First, there are so many exciting things happening in technology that relate to fitness and health. We take a look in this issue at a couple of businesses that are using technology in […]

Smart and Fit

Monitors, trackers and apps are helping trainers and their clients get smarter about fitness Technology has taken over most aspects of our lives. It connects us not only with others, but with ourselves in a variety of ways – from our sleeping habits to steps taken throughout the day. Thanks to wearable devices and apps, […]

Local Municipalities Prepare for Potential Recession, Economic Downturn

Lansing-area municipalities are preparing for a financial downturn or recession in light of more than 70% of analysts predicting a nationwide recession by 2021 in a National Association for Business Economics survey. Ron Leix, spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Treasury, said economists at past consensus revenue estimating conferences have predicted state and national economies […]

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