The Age of the ‘Cobot’

Robots are being developed to work alongside humans For centuries people have tinkered with the idea that robots could make our lives easier. The first industrial robot, the Unimate, was developed in 1954 and installed in a General Motors factory in 1961 for die-cast handling and spot welding. That began a robotic revolution that continues […]

The Hype and Hesitations of 5G

Will a promising new generation of networks catch on in Lansing? The jump to 5G has been nearly a decade in the making, reaching its crescendo this year as it makes its widespread deployment in the coming months. The fifth generation of cellular network technology has been the toast of the town for a while […]

Washed Out?

Heavy spring rains delayed, prevented crops from being planted Farmers, producers and consumers in Michigan are feeling the impact of the seemingly incessant rains and cool temperatures that descended on the state in the spring and through the early part of summer. Because of the third-wettest year in the state’s history, farmers were mostly unable to […]

Opioids are Everyone’s Responsibility

America is on drugs. We’ve been told since the ‘80s that we need to “Just Say No.” We haven’t listened and by all appearances, it only seems to get worse by the day. People often think this is another state’s issue, neighboring community’s problem or it happens in someone else’s family.  It’s everyone’s problem.  It’s […]

Musk vs. the SEC: How Tweets Impact Stocks

The stock market is already a volatile environment. Extreme rises and falls can mean trouble for investors and often the economy – and sometimes it takes less than 280 characters to cause chaos in the market.  While currently, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allows public companies to use Facebook and Twitter to make announcements […]

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