Raising the Barre: Fitness Trend is Growing in the Lansing Area

Remember the Shake Weight? How about the Thighmaster? What about the NordicTrack that worked better as a place to hang your clothes? Exercise fads come as quickly as they fade away. By nature, a fad is both intense and short-lived. A trend, on the other hand, is different. Although also measured by popularity, a trend […]

Food Forward

The Potent Potables Project is the culinary microverse founded and tended to by restaurateur Sam Short and his team. Short and team set a precedent for leading Lansing’s relatively young restaurant/bar scene into the zany, ever-changing consumer landscape. “When my wife and I moved here, we found that there wasn’t a whole lot of accessible […]

Ten To Watch: Greater Lansing’s top young professionals recognized

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce and Grand River Connection honored 10 of the Lansing area’s up-and-coming young professionals during the “10 Over the Next Ten” awards ceremony Sept. 25. The honor recognizes the area’s best and brightest who are predicted to make substantial contributions to the community over the next decade. Qualifying applicants are […]

Civility is in You

While I was driving to Frankenmuth on my family’s annual holiday pilgrimage, I noticed a new billboard sign that I have not seen before. You know, the signs on the highway that share uplifting messages to drivers passing by? These campaigns have several great and worthy inspirational messages, but this billboard stood out. It featured […]

Behind the scenes: Aleta Pillai

Assistant Professor and Associate Chair for Nursing at Davenport University Aleta Pillai is an assistant professor and associate chair for nursing at Davenport University’s downtown Lansing campus. Previously at Great Lakes Bay in Midland, Pillai opened the nursing program at Davenport’s Lansing campus in 2014. With a background in long-term care and medical/surgical nursing, her […]

Advicoach Business Spotlight

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