Behind The Scenes

Cedar River Insurance Agency Justine K. Bell is an insurance agent with Cedar River Insurance Agency in Okemos where she uses her knowledge and experience to help clients understand the things that can seem incomprehensible for people outside the industry. She sat down with us to share her perspectives about her work – what challenges […]

Changing skylines in the Capital City region

Growth is on the upswing from downtown Lansing to the fields of St. Johns The Greater Lansing region saw a tremendous amount of change in 2018, and the outlook for 2019 indicates the growth will continue, with major construction projects stretching from downtown Lansing to the heart of East Lansing and north to St. Johns […]

Rules of the Road: Staying Safe While Ride-Sharing on Business

In 2011, SideCar – a peer-to-peer ride-sharing company and the first of its kind – was launched. In subsequent years, this new business model exploded, and today one would be hard-pressed to find a city where it’s impossible to quickly arrange a ride in a stranger’s car. The initial boom produced dozens of zippy-named startups, […]

Tony Willis

Tony Willis is changing the face of business in the Greater Lansing area through the work he does at the Lansing Economic Area Partnership, or as it is more commonly referred to, LEAP. Willis fulfills two roles at the company as his passion for business spans into more than one area. He serves as the […]

Marketing Agency Owner Helps Businesses Set Themselves Apart

Amy Zander is owner of Zander Management, a local marketing agency that focuses on content creation and social media with an emphasis on brand archetype strategies. She is a firm believer that words matter and works with small to mid-size businesses that generally do not have their own in-house marketing department. Her clients vary in […]

Reaching Generation Z: Many Businesses are Rethinking Social Media

After years of focusing on millennials, it’s time for businesses to turn their attention to the newest kids on the block, Generation Z. Born between the years 1995 and 2015, they’re between 2 and 23 years old and there’s nearly 74 million of them in the United States. While the 2-year-olds aren’t doing much buying, […]

Advicoach Business Spotlight

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