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A decade ago, if you told someone to “Google it,” you either got a funny look or slapped in the face. Today, “Google-ing” is something most of us do several times a day. Because of this, search engine optimization (SEO) has become a big, big business, and locally, no one does it better than Joe Ford, Adam Henige and their colleagues at Netvantage Marketing.

Using Data to Grow


“Only connect.” These introductory words from the 1910 novel “Howard’s End” by E.M. Forster are as meaningful in today’s world of technology as they were in yesterday’s literature. Connectivity is key. The world stays connected today thanks in large part to the power of technology. And it’s just as important for an organization to stay connected to its own internal processes and procedures.

Dewpoint Pushes Business Intelligence


Business intelligence is nothing new. It has existed since the very first business transaction. It can range from a simple spreadsheet all the way through advance technology tools that look at multiple factors to predict an outcome.

More Than Just a Number


“Life happens.”

Because it does, Midland-based Northwood University has built a great deal of flexibility into its Lansing experience. According to Rhonda Anderson, associate dean of the adult degree program, “When you’re working full time and you’re raising a family and you decide to go back to school, you may think ‘I’m going to take two classes,’ and then something happens, and so the pace at which you move ebbs and flows.”

Designed for Success


Entering college to pursue a degree, or returning to complete a degree, can be a challenging and intimidating task for today’s working adult, who, at the end of a long work day must still complete research papers and attend class. But thanks to Central Michigan University’s off-campus and online programs, nontraditional college students have the opportunity to receive an accredited college degree from the state’s fourth largest public university—all without quitting their day jobs.

Taking It to Another Level


When we think of the uses of technology in education, we envision students doing online research for a paper and then writing said paper on their home or school computer and possibly turning it in to their teacher electronically. Or students might go online to check what homework has been assigned or to find out what their GPA is.

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