Committed to Goals of Giving


Jackson National Life Insurance Company (Jackson) is so committed to community service that not only do they give generous financial contributions, they also devote time, talent, energy and expertise to their charitable efforts. Danielle Weller, corporate responsibility specialist, makes sure it all comes together for optimal success. A wide range of programs guarantees that Jackson makes a real impact on the quality of life in Lansing and beyond.

Best of the Best


Agriculture is deep in the DNA of Michigan. From lush cherry orchards in the north to verdant soybean fields in the south and all the dairy farms in between, our landscape is rich with farms. The strong work ethic and dedication to the land shown by those who make agriculture their career have nourished our state both literally and figuratively.

Entities LIght the Way


Once upon a time, it didn’t take much creativity for a growing company to get a loan. All one needed was a good business plan, a decent balance sheet and a willing bank. But in October 2008, faster than you can say, “I’m calling your loan,” all that came to screeching halt.


Small Business Advocate Spurs Economic Growth


If entrepreneurs are going to fuel the Michigan economic comeback, as Gov. Rick Snyder insists, new ones must first be adequately trained and prepared for the challenge. The Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) in Lansing, which is housed at Lansing Community College, is an invaluable resource to local entrepreneurs who want to start a business or who already own a small business.

Partnering to Preserve History


Triterra and the Kincaid Henry Building Group handle two vastly different aspects of redevelopment in the mid Michigan area, but for the men at the helm of the companies, partnering their “skill sets” has proven to be successful even in today’s tough economy.

Credit Unions Assist Small Businesses


A customer who walks into the door of a credit union plays a dual role. That person is not only a customer but also an owner. Credit unions, financial organizations owned and controlled by their members, provide most, if not all, of the same services as a bank, but they operate as not-for-profits, serving their members rather than                                                                                maximizing profits.

Advicoach Business Spotlight

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