A Long History of Giving


You see their highly recognizable black and white vehicles featuring the distinctive hand-drawn stick men logo on roads across mid-Michigan. Nearly as visible is how much Two Men And A Truck really cares about the communities it serves.

Part of the Community


Assisting in the improvement of its local community is not often a concern for the average Fortune 500 company. However, Auto-Owners Insurance is not your average company, and for them, reaching out to help the mid-Michigan area is both a company responsibility and community advancement effort.

Focus on Community


It takes a village is more than just a cliché in Lansing—it is how many organizations keep themselves rooted in the community, generously contributing time through volunteer efforts, sponsorship and a sense of camaraderie.

Giving Every Day


When Douglas and Sharon Weaver opened Douglas J Salon in Okemos in 1967, they shared their beginnings with thousands of other mom-and-pop salons across the country. And that’s precisely where all similarities end.

More than Coffee


Even in tough economic times, when other companies have cut back on corporate donations, the Paramount Coffee Company of Lansing has not let up on its drive to give back to the community. “This area has been here for us and we want to make sure we’re here for them,” says Steve Morris, president and chief operating officer since 2005.

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