The Re-renaissance of Lansing

Thirty years ago, Lansing was a very different place. Or was it? Sure, the buildings may have had different tenants and the city’s future plans may have included different names then they do now, but a common thread that has pulled the community together for over 30 years is the spirit to build, create and […]

Behind the Scenes: Chris Holman

Chris Holman, 68, is the founder and CEO of the Michigan Business Network, which hosts conferences, seminars and broadcasts designed to help grow and develop the state’s economy. His entrepreneurial endeavors include a rug manufacturing factory in China and publishing. Thirty years ago, he founded Greater Lansing Business Monthly magazine, now owned by M3 Group. […]

Homegrown giving Community foundations help your gifts go further

It is difficult, maybe even impossible, to live or work in Ingham, Clinton or Eaton counties and not be affected by the Capital Region Community Foundation. Often operating services in the background, while leveraging $90 million in assets, the foundation’s grants and those of the foundations it serves provide funds for education, charities, arts and […]

Millennials & Gen Z in the Workplace: The next generation of business unfolds

The workplace is ever changing and as technology advances, so does the workforce. The newest generation brings different tools to the table. Matt Stewart is the co-founder of College Works Painting, which provides internships students with real-life business management. According to his findings, the youngest generation entering the workforce -— the Generation Z (those born […]

Demand & Supply: Market Supply 1

When it comes to the supply, or seller’s side, economic analysis classifies markets into four categories, or structures, according to the degree of competition prevailing in them. Pure or Perfect Competition Perfect competition is said to prevail in a market for a given product or service if (1) the number of sellers are very large, […]

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