Newsmakers 2016 and 2017

The greater Lansing area was filled with business news in 2016 and we at GLBM predict that 2017 will bring just as much exciting news to our capital region in the coming year. Here’s some of the top business news stories from 2016 as well as a few people and events we think will make […]

Anticipated business trends in 2017

To see where the Lansing region is heading in 2017, look at 2016, an overall good year for the local economy. Investments announced last year by General Motors and parts suppliers will strengthen the auto industry. The Michigan Avenue corridor — considered the region’s backbone — will continue developing. Medical services, sparked by expansion of […]

Trump Presidency Commercial real estate translation

In November, the Republican Party gained control of the White House and retained majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate. President-elect Donald Trump assumes office on Jan. 20, and through his campaign platform and post-election statements we have a basis to anticipate his policy priorities and their potential impact on the economy and […]

The Business Firm

Last month’s column introduced the individual consumer and showed that (s)he buys a bundle of goods and services, subject to a budget constraint, to maximize his/her satisfaction. This column explains the position of the firm. The firm attempts to maximize its profit. It produces and sells a product for which it receives revenue. On the […]

Advicoach Business Spotlight

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