Angel Investing Boosts Area Entrepreneurs

We’ve all seen or heard of “Shark Tank,” the high stakes pitch show where entrepreneurs seek investments for their business. If you’ve watched it, it may seem like the process of getting funding for your business is a quick, drama-filled, series of questions that flies by in about 10 minutes or less. But, that’s the […]

Lansing School District Proposes $120 million bond

Since 2009, legislation has deemed 10 areas in Michigan as “promise zone authorities” – areas that grant graduates of local schools scholarships to help with the cost of a post-secondary education – the goal being to provide upper level education at little or no cost to members of communities where that education is lacking. Lansing’s […]

Beyond Our Shores—International Trade

Why do most economists believe in free (unobstructed) trade between nations? This is because of a principle that dates back to 1776, enunciated by Adam Smith in his book the Wealth of Nations and elaborated on 100 years later by another English economist, David Ricardo. Called the principle of comparative advantage, it demonstrates that both […]

Governor’s Proposed 2017 Budget Focused on Putting People First

In mid-February, Governor Rick Snyder presented his proposed 2017 fiscal year budget plan. This budget focuses on Michigan’s growth and success, now and into the future. Critical investments for the Flint Water Crisis, the Detroit Public School system and statewide infrastructure are Governor Snyder’s main priority. The governor also addressed the issue of the increasing […]

Understanding the U.S./Iran Nuclear Deal

Some call it a milestone, some call it the end of international isolation and some see it as dangerous; however people view the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – otherwise known as the nuclear deal with Iran – many are still unsure that it will strengthen the US/Iran relationship. What it will do is […]

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