Real Estate Investment Confidence Restored

The recession and subsequent foreclosure crisis crushed the residential real estate market and home owner equity in greater Lansing for more than four years. The market has been in the recovery process for the last two years and that is continuing but we are still off of the market high volume by almost 30 percent. […]

Big Changes in Real Estate Sales

Unit sales in greater Lansing were up 15.5 percent in 2012 and more units were sold than any year in the last seven. We have had three straight years of unit growth. Average prices were up by 3.8 percent which was the highest since 2007, however the average was almost 31 percent lower than 2006. […]

Four Real Estate Myths – Busted!

Myth No. 1: There is a 3.8 percent Tax on Homes in Obama Care aka National Health Care Reform Legislation. Answer: Not Really, but the confusion is understandable. There is a Medicare tax in the legislation under the heading “Unearned Income Medicare Contribution.” In general, this new Medicare tax will apply to all investment income […]

Real Estate Service Varies: Reliable Ratings are Now Available

For years now, consumers have been relying on third party feedback for a variety of service providers: think Angie’s List, Zagat, Trip Advisor, J. D. Power or Service Magic. Lagging far behind has been the residential real estate industry. It is an industry where service varies dramatically from person to person, company to company, and day to day. It is an industry which has been obsessively focused on sales and production, and the quantity of an agent’s transactions is often used as some kind of surrogate for good service. Though good intentions abound and many promises are made, the management of details and processes often remain opaque to the customer, and the somewhat arcane transaction process routinely goes unexplained. It is definitely provider not consumer centric.

How Would the Model T Have Been Rated Online 100 Years Ago?

Several months ago I read a humorous last-page story that appeared in the Smithsonian Magazine. The author shared customer reviews of futuristic tourist trips to Mars. It made me wonder what impact there might have been if the Internet and online reviews had existed 100 or more years ago when the Model T Ford was manufactured and sold.


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