Looking Beyond Retailer Headlines: Is Big-Box dead?

National retail chain closings are more frequent then they have been in a decade. This chronic doom and gloom sentiment in the headlines ignores new and ongoing growth opportunities for the industry. News media has claimed that Big-Box is dead, their reasoning: the rise of ecommerce has reduced the need for brick and mortar space, […]

The demand for industrial space Tight Supply Transforming the Market

Economic data related to the U.S. industrial real estate market is pointing in a positive direction. The national availability rate was essentially unchanged in Q1 2017, even in the face of increased supply. CBRE Econometric Advisors estimates about 45 million sq. ft. of industrial space was completed in Q1, which is the highest first-quarter level […]

Trump Presidency Commercial real estate translation

In November, the Republican Party gained control of the White House and retained majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate. President-elect Donald Trump assumes office on Jan. 20, and through his campaign platform and post-election statements we have a basis to anticipate his policy priorities and their potential impact on the economy and […]

When Buying or Selling Real Estate, Local is Best

Residential real estate is intensely local. For the first three quarters of this year, dollar volume in greater Lansing was up 12.6 percent but it varied area by area from down 2.6 percent to up 45.2 percent. Unit sales were down 1.2 percent overall but varied from being down 15.3 percent to up 28.6 percent.With […]

Is There Still Pent-up Demand for Real Estate?

Real estate sales in greater Lansing had a slow start this year and we were concerned that rising mortgage interest rates and shrinking affordability had finally cooled the very strong growth we experienced over the past two years. Of course we were sure having one of the worst winters in decades didn’t help. So was […]

Creating and Maintaining a Culture of Excellence

When talent, hard work, acumen, integrity and accountability come together in the business world, that idyllic combination is what we call “Excellence.”Creating a culture of excellence in the workplace doesn’t happen by accident. It requires commitment by leadership, the right talent and patience. Developing a master plan to strive for excellence is the first step […]

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