Employers Guide to Drafting a Social Media Policy

Social media continues to be a “hot” topic among employers. It needs to be. In particular, employers are seeking to regulate work-related social media postings. However, in the last few years, the National Labor Relations Board “NLRB” has struck down numerous social media policies as unfair labor practices. Therefore, while drafting a social media policy, […]

Trademarks and Copyrights

Do you own a business, perhaps with its own logo, tagline or offering its own unique service? If so, have you thought about whether or not you may need the protection of a trademark or copyright? If you haven’t, now is the time to do so. Many people are confused when it comes to trademarks […]

Protect Your Intellectual Property

You don’t have to be Apple, Google or Coca Cola to protect your intellectual property.According to the Interbrand 2013 annual survey, the three most valuable global brands are Apple ($98 billion), Google ($93 billion) and Coca-Cola ($79 billion). For Apple, Google and Coca-Cola, most readers can picture the logo associated with each one. The numbers […]

Succession Planning – Is an ESOP Right for you?

There comes a time in the lives of business owners when they want to move on; to pass the day- to-day management of the company to another in order to spend time on other pursuits. The question of how to accomplish that goal can be answered with an ESOP, or an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.An […]

When the Estate is Upside Down

It’s no surprise now that so many people are declaring bankruptcy or going into foreclosure that more of them are also dying without sufficient assets to cover their debts. So what does this mean to a creditor?According to Joseph Viviano, an attorney with Foster Swift Collins Smith PC, Michigan’s Estate and Protected Individuals Code (EPIC) […]

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