The Kickoff Meeting

You’re redesigning your website. You’ve chosen a Web developer, and you’re ready to start the process.  Before that happens, you’ll want to have a kickoff meeting.    Who should be included in the meeting? What items should be on the agenda?    The kickoff meeting is extremely important as it sets the tone, pace and […]

Web Content: More Important Than Ever

Why is your company or organization online? Is it merely to have a presence (because all your competitors are online)—which is fine, by the way—or is your goal to gain members and customers and to provide a service to those who frequent your site?

Four Things That Can Tremendously Impact Your Website

Keeping your website up to date and operating at its full potential is always a challenge. As with many organizations, the person who oversees the website is also typically responsible for many other tasks as well. This can draw time and effort away from your website. Before you know it, months have passed where the primary communications tool for your organization has been virtually ignored.

“A Cell Phone Policy…Really?!

So you made it out of the 2008 financial crisis?  And you’re still managing to get by in this economy? You really can’t afford to hire more staff and you are really busy. So why would you want to create a cell phone policy for your HR manager to enforce and every employee to sign? I’ll give you three reasons.

SMBs: Protect Your Business Info Through Simple Security Steps

If you’re the owner of a small or mid-size business, you’re likely familiar with the practice of turning to the Internet to purchase items and to sign up for information. Whether you are buying supplies and equipment from an online store, or enrolling in online subscriptions, you and your workforce are constantly exchanging all your company’s confidential information, including credit cards and passwords. 

Advicoach Business Spotlight

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