Diversity in the Workplace: Strategies to Increase Market Potential

Diversity in the workplace is vital for the creation of a robust and vibrant enterprise. According to Stephen Butler, co-chairman of the Business-Higher Education Forum’s Diversity Initiative Task Force: “Diversity is an invaluable competitive asset that America cannot afford to ignore.” Several strategies can be employed to leverage workplace diversity to take advantage of market potential.

Education Driving Economic Growth: Davenport Expands

Listening to business leaders throughout the state and learning how they will drive economic growth has been a key input to the recent strategic plan Vision 2015 developed by Davenport University. The message business leaders shared is clear: Education has transformative power, and investment in training and professional development is an essential strategy to propel economic growth.

Free Service Connects Employers with Qualified Candidates

It would seem that recruiting qualified candidates would be easy in today’s economy. In reality, employers must wade through a plethora of unqualified candidates or hire a headhunter in order to find the perfect match. This takes precious resources away from businesses that are already struggling to do more with less. 

The MBA Instruction Manual: An Inside Look


As the economic outlook of our region, state and nation continues to cause uncertainty and pause among citizens and the business community at large, many are asking themselves the same question—whether or not to return to the classroom to retool and prepare for the career opportunities of tomorrow. 


Giving Hope with a College Education

In this challenging economic climate there is more competition than ever for our charitable dollars. We must make tough choices on how to best spend our time, energy and money. And although the decisions may have become more difficult, making good investments that will have a long-lasting impact is even more vital.

Advicoach Business Spotlight

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