You and Your Portfolio

If you’ve watched the stock market recently and noticed how much it has been going up in the past two years, then you may be looking to abandon the bonds in your portfolio. Is that a good idea?

Roth IRA Changes for 2011

What’s new? Every year brings changes in tax law, and some of these revisions always seem to affect IRAs. Here is a look at some of the new wrinkles for 2011.

Retirement Plans Get Big Win with New Fee Transparency Regulation

New federal regulations often mean complex compliance steps with high associated costs. The newly enacted fee transparency regulations certainly have significant costs associated with them, but they will also benefit organizations that sponsor specific types of retirement plans by an estimated $2 million annually and almost $15 million during the next 10 years.

Health Saving Accounts Giving Consumers a Choice

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are an exciting new health insurance option that can help employers and employees stabilize their healthcare costs, and allow consumers to gain greater control over their medical expenses.

HSAs are tax-exempt accounts that were created by Congress as part of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003. Health Savings Accounts can be set up at participating financial institutions and provide funds for account holders to use for the purpose of paying or reimbursing qualified medical expenses for themselves, their spouse and dependents.

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