Small is the New Big: The importance of small business to today’s economy

Whether it’s hirings or firings, record-setting quarters or shareholder unrest, the nation’s big businesses tend to grab the headlines. The real story of today’s budding economic recovery, however, is likely to be found among the many small businesses dotting the landscape. “I think it’d be difficult to overstate the impact a healthy small business environment […]

How to Finance Your Business

A major key to the successful startup and expansion of your business is your ability to obtain financing. All businesses set goals for sales growth, profitability and pursue various strategic initiatives designed to enhance their customer or clients’ experience, but many small business owners quickly discover that finding financing is not always easy and often […]

Easing the Small Business Cash Crunch

In a perfect business world, the revenue stream would be steady from month-to-month and business owners could plan on that steady stream of cash to meet ongoing monthly expense obligations. Many small business owners must deal with less than steady cash flow cycles that can present financial challenges during the down times. Builders are a […]

Don’t Let The DOL Regulatory Posse Hang You

Do you own a business and offer an ERISA 401(k) Defined Contribution plan to your employees? If you answered yes, welcome to the new world of fee disclosure.  Today, 401(k)s are the overwhelming choice for corporate retirement plans. The Department of Labor estimates that there are some 483,000 participant directed plans, covering 72 million participants […]

How Much Retirement Income Will You Really Need?

What is enough? What is not enough? If you’re considering retiring in the near future, you’ve probably heard or read that you need about 70 percent of your end salary to live comfortably in retirement. This estimate is frequently repeated, but that doesn’t mean it is true for everyone. It may not be true for […]

Outsourcing May Be the Key

New companies are created every day by entrepreneurs who are willing to accept risk for the sake of profit. It most often starts with a passion or an area of expertise. A business owner has a drive to be his or her own boss, a vision and the ambition to follow a dream. Business owners make tough decisions along the way and accept full responsibility for the outcome of their choices.

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