How Digital Media Sparked the Implosion of Super PACs

On the night of the 2012 Presidential election, Donald Trump tweeted, “Thanks, Karl Rove for wasting $400 million.” He wasn’t the only one complaining. Of the eight candidates backed by Rove’s super PAC, seven lost. Each race was a toss-up going in. Billionaire Shel Adelson spent upward of $75 million to attack Romney on behalf […]

Seven QR Ideas You Might Want to Steal

Amateurs borrow. You, on the other hand, are a paid professional, and thereby ethically bound to steal a good idea when you see one. Where quick response (QR) codes are concerned, there’s plenty to steal. Last year saw some incredibly inventive efforts, with the 2D matrix codes appearing on everything from dinner plates to live cows. Here’s a quick scan of some of the best.

Content Marketing: How to Build Your Own Media Empire


You’re the head of a broadcast network. It’s a small one, to be sure, but as a marketer your function is identical to that of a network exec. You create programming (content) to attract a specific audience. You keep it fresh. You promote it. As people tune in, the word spreads, your audience grows and your network becomes more and more valuable to your sponsors. And of course, the sole sponsor is you.

English Please!

When conversing with others it is easy to become lost in their words. Let’s face it: People talk a lot and they talk fast.

Why Isn’t the Media Covering Our Story?

The media today is a skinnier version of its old self, lacking the many bodies and resources it had in the past to cover the issues of the moment. Organizations that strive to educate the public and advance their public policy agenda need to understand today’s media, especially if they expect news coverage, supportive editorials or other attention to their critical issues.

Cracking the Code: How QR Codes Are Changing the Face of Marketing

Calvin Klein Industries have never been known to shy away from the erotic. But a recent billboard for CK Jeans managed to raise the bar for even that brazen brand. In place of its usual racy photography, the board showed only a QR code flanked by red velvet curtains. When scanned with a smart phone, the code linked to an even racier video, which played immediately on-screen. The campaign generated tens of thousands of trackable views online, and bestowed a new poignancy on the term ‘pant marketing.’

M3 Video Reel


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