A Closer Look at Mental Health in Michigan

Leaders in policy and medicine from throughout the country are working together to improve mental health care with new legislation and funding. The state Legislature has introduced several bills to help revamp the mental health services provided in the U.S. this year causing some of Michigan’s health care leaders to act. “The public and private […]

Farmers’ Markets and What They do for the Local Economy

As we are near the end of spring, many farmers markets are emerging to the city to share their bounty of hearty goods with the local community. Mid-Michigan is home to many farmers markets where locals can go to purchase fresh produce and delicious baked goods. “Farmers markets are a unique incubator of small local […]

Manufacturing Metropolis

A few years back, as the Great Recession strangled the nation’s economy and forced automotive giants to bankruptcy court, manufacturing in mid-Michigan and throughout the state hit a low point unrivaled since the start of the Industrial Age. Jobs and revenues were lost. Today, that’s history. Manufacturing has rebounded to add jobs, products, stability and […]

Schor Enough: Lansing’s Time is Now

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor moves forward with the agenda he campaigned on: an agenda that brings everyone in Michigan’s capital forward, together. It’s hard to miss the bustling David Hollister City Hall in downtown Lansing, but venture into the building far enough and you’ll find a refreshing nest of political movement. As the elevator opens […]

Succession Planning Essential for Any Business

Every business owner knows that, eventually, they’ll have to take a step back from running their company. Whether that means selling, training a replacement or staying on in a consultant role, business owners need to be prepared for that day. Having a succession plan in place is necessary for any business, no matter the industry […]

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