Made in Michigan

Michigan and manufacturing go hand in hand. While the 20th century was defined by the state’s prowess in the automotive industry, Michigan in the 21st century also is a manufacturing leader in defense, medical devices, cybersecurity, agribusiness and more. According to the Michigan Economic Development Corp., Michigan has the highest concentration of engineers in the […]

All Aboard

School boards and districts across Michigan are getting the support and resources they need from the Michigan Association of School Boards. A school district is at the heart of every community, and its success depends upon the involvement and support of all. Superintendents, administrators, boards and local communities each serve key roles in the functioning […]

Coping with a Crisis

As the opioid epidemic grows, local frontline experts are combating the problem  Our nation is facing a crisis of epidemic proportions. In the last two decades, the number of opioid-related overdoses has climbed at an alarming rate, turning a national issue into a public health emergency that impacts all races, genders and socioeconomic groups. According to […]

(PRIDE) In the Name of Lansing

Lifelong Lansing resident and Juneteenth Celebration chairperson brings history to new generations In searching for someone who embodies the spirit of Lansing, one would have to look no further than Marilyn Plummer. A lifelong resident and community outreach coordinator for Mayor Andy Schor’s office, she has played a major role in the education and celebration of […]

Destination: Lansing

As spring leads to summer, we celebrate these landmarks of the Lansing experience As another Michigan summer approaches, many are excited to spend time outdoors or plan vacations. While there might be some wanderlust to shake off those winter months, mid-Michigan residents have a wealth of activity right in their very own backyard. From the […]

A Glimpse Through the Eyes of the Architects

Local Developers Share How They Envision the Future of Lansing When it comes to the Lansing area, some things remain constant. The Michigan Capitol and Michigan State University, built and established in the mid- to late 19th century, have served as iconic pillars connected by a thoroughfare. Over the years, this corridor and its surrounding […]

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