Be the Example to Follow

If you’re like me, when you recount your path or career milestones there are many individuals you can clearly attribute support that led to success. They may not have been labeled as a mentor, but he or she may have filled that role. While a mentor can provide invaluable advice, most importantly they are giving […]

Welcome to The New Greater Lansing Business Monthly!

Tiffany GLBMWelcome to the new look of the Greater Lansing Business Monthly! We’ve worked hard throughout the last few months to gain insight and conduct research on how to improve the publication that you’ve come to trust and love over the past 26 years. I hope you can see the effort that has gone into meeting (and hopefully exceeding) your expectations. Although we will always work to make adjustments to fit the needs of our community, we’re excited to launch this issue and proud of the publication we’ve created.

No Matter Your Business, Your Brand Matters

Recently, I was supporting my son while he was participating in a golf tournament by being a one-person gallery for him on his two-day tour. I typically am very low key during these types of events, which can be hard for me. I rarely talk to the other parents (it’s supposed to be quiet after […]

Commentary: Horses

Believe it or not I grew up around horses. My formative years were spent in Livonia where there wasn’t enough room for a horse at the time. When we bought my grandfather’s farm in Northville after he passed away, I found myself in a real equestrian hot bed.Not only did we always seem to have […]

Greater Lansing Boosts Satisfying Restaurant Scene

I have probably shared this background with you before, but just kind of to reiterate, let me remind you I came from reasonably humble backgrounds. I mean my parents were marvelous folks, but we had too many kids and not enough money, so opportunity was somewhat limited.I remember that my older brothers were very resentful […]

The Economy of Art

If you have ever had the occasion to stare up at the Sistine Chapel ceiling and think about the enormous task of painting that and Michelangelo laying on his back for months on end to get the detail just right, you’re awestruck by the cultural impact and the importance of that piece of art. That’s […]

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