Using DemographicsNow in MeL Business

Using DemographicsNow: Businesses & people in the Michigan eLibrary’s business portal, business owners/entrepreneurs can produce comprehensive business and residential lists as well as detailed demographic reports, maps that “visualize” trends, and customized customer reports through uploading their own customer or business data and blend it with rich consumer information, like demographics, psychographics, and Experian consumer segments.Looking for […]

EXIT – Home Partners Bring Growth to REO Town

Lansing’s REO Town has become an area of growth and continues to prosper as it continues to attract new business ventures. One such addition to the area comes from EXIT – Realty Home Partners, the third franchised location of the EXIT – Realty International brand. Co-Owners Jon Lum and Heather Driscoll are optimistic about their […]

Airbnb: A Platform to End Discriminatory Bias

Discrimination is a dominate conversation point for the analysis of America’s current social structure. While this year has seen an unprecedented amount of discussion on police brutality and how the government handles equal rights discrimination cases in regards to racism, an outpouring of the conversation has trickled into the economy as well. The perception of […]

Kellie’s Consignment Debuts New Location

Local consignment retailer, Kellie’s Consignments, has opened up a new location, just minutes from their original location, at 5000 Marsh Rd. in Okemos. The new store front ushers in new opportunity for owner, Kellie Johnson, as it will allow her to expand her store’s inventory of larger furniture and decorative items. Friday’s grand opening event unveiled […]

Impression 5 Unveils Promising New Attraction Center

After a summer filled with anticipation and construction on downtown Lansing’s Museum Drive, Impression 5 has finally lifted the veil on the museum’s long-awaited renovations. Lansing’s science and education center, a favorite among area schools and children’s groups with a rich local history, underwent a facelift this year in an effort to both increase the […]

Advicoach Business Spotlight

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