Resumes Gone Wrong: First-impression Faceplants

“Embellishment” is a much more palatable word than “lie.” It almost sounds innocently mischievous, like something a rapscallion or scamp would do; whereas a lie sounds like it is a much more fiendish endeavor that falls in the unsavory territory of cons, cheats and downright scoundrels. Unfortunately, a stunningly large number of job applicants would […]

Unconscious Bias in Hiring Process Hinders Business Success

With the current skilled workers shortage in the Lansing region, many companies need to hire good workers now. Many of those companies tend to hire people who look, think or act like the other employees in the company. Kimberly Giles, a human behavior expert, said in a Forbes article that hiring only similar people is […]

Spuds Shortage May Mean Fewer Fries

All eyes are on potatoes. An early freeze and continued cold weather have created a shortage of potatoes in key growing and production areas of the United States and Canada – and that worries the people who make french fries. As a result of the inclement weather, smaller spuds are being harvested, according to an […]

Conference Call Confidential: Bad Behavior Exposed!

By Christopher Nagy There was a time when someone struggling through an overwhelming or overwhelmingly monotonous situation might have thrown his or her hands to the heavens and desperately pleaded to be whisked to safety and blissful comfort by Calgon. In the digital world of today, the slogan of the bath product has likely been […]

Pet Leasing Would be Illegal Under New Legislation

Pet leasing – a controversial practice of financing the purchase of pets, mostly dogs – would be illegal in Michigan under legislation being introduced in Lansing. State Reps. Bill Sowerby, D-Clinton Township, and Tommy Brann, R-Wyoming, announced new bipartisan legislation will be introduced Dec. 4 to ban pet leasing in Michigan. The practice is already […]

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