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Every business has a story. For NAI Mid-Michigan and TMN Commercial, their individual stories began 25 and 35 years ago, respectively, to serve the commercial real estate needs of the greater Lansing area. Their newest story began with a merger in 2013, resulting in growth that has eclipsed the market and made NAI Mid-Michigan/TMN Commercial a dramatically larger, more effective commercial real estate expert for its clients. 

And it all started with friendship and a round of golf. 

“Jim Vlahakis and I have been friends and golf partners for years long before any merger. We have been friendly competitors dealing with different sides of the commercial real estate business,” said Jeff Shapiro, GRI, principal and managing member of NAI Mid-Michigan/TMN Commercial.

The two men had many discussions over those years on the golf course about the idea of a merger. “All of a sudden, one year, we were having that same conversation and we thought to ourselves, we’ve grown to such a point where we’ve got such a large share of the market in our own areas that, if we did put it together now, we’d have all three legs of the stool, and we would immediately capture a much larger market share than anyone else in the community,” added Shapiro.

“It’s as if you threw a puzzle on the table, and the pieces just went together where their strengths were our weaknesses and our strengths were their weaknesses,” said James Vlahakis, principal, managing member and CEO of NAI of Mid-Michigan/TMN Commercial.

Merger talks began in late 2012, and all documents were completed in 2013. The newly merged company grew very quickly; being full-service has put NAI/TMN a step ahead of its competition. Instead of being segmented into the office, retail or industrial markets, they can now do all three — plus, with TMN’s construction division, they’re able to build projects for clients as well. 

For NAI/TMN, this tremendous growth hasn’t changed how they conduct business. They remain committed to one-on-one, personalized service to their clients, no matter the size.

“We are not a corporate structure. We look at commercial real estate as a person-to-person business relationship,” said Shapiro. “We work with our clients very closely. We listen to what their needs are and try to provide the best possible solutions. Our clients are not all high net worth individuals but small business owners who need our assistance to help them grow. We have 15 real estate advisors with years of experience and a vast network of clients that have worked with our advisors for many years. Our focus is to help small business owners create wealth for themselves and their families by investing in commercial real estate. That’s who we are.”

NAI Mid-Michigan/TMN Commercial is a part of NAI Global, the single largest, most powerful global network of owner-operated commercial real estate brokerage firms. NAI Global has more than 400 local offices in 55 countries with over 7,000 local market professionals that manage over 425 million square feet of property. As a member of the NAI Global network, NAI/TMN can take advantage of the advertising, referrals, global reach of the network while remaining locally owned and operated. 

“We developed the tagline, ‘Nice People, Great Results’, as much for ourselves as the public,” said Vlahakis. “As we continue to grow bigger and greater opportunities come our way, we don’t want to forget our beginnings. We stress to our real estate advisors to take the time with each and every client. Today, it could be a small transaction that will turn into a referral that may be a large transaction.”



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