Five Ways to Say Thanks on Employee Appreciation Day

To say the past few months have resulted in an unusual and unique working environment is an understatement. As Employee Appreciation Day approaches May 5, employers can give an extra special thank-you to the staffers who remain on the job to help businesses through this difficult time.

Here are some simple yet meaningful ways to show your employees appreciation for their hard work.

Handwritten Note

There’s no better way to let your staff know what their dedication means to you than with a handwritten letter. Individualizing and personalizing a message outlining the ways each person has contributed to the company is an easy way show your appreciation.

Lunch on the Company

Many companies have faced financial challenges this year, but if you can afford to order in or make lunch for your staff, this is an awesome thank you. It also gives you the chance to team build and bond with your employees. The lunch doesn’t have to be fancy — it just has to come with good intentions, consideration for food allergies and a lot of gratitude for the people who keep your business running.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to show appreciation. There are many small gifts you could buy for your staff that will mean a lot to them. For example, you could get each employee a keepsake that reminds you of his or her positive characteristics, traits or work. Consider adding a personalized note to each gift for bonus points. 

Another option is to purchase one big gift for the office to show gratitude and make working there a little more fun and exciting. A popcorn maker, television or foosball table for breaks are all cool gifts that employees might like. You could even do a staff poll to see what they would want to have.

Staff Outing

For employers with a small team, taking your workers on an outing is a fun way to show how much you care. Going to a movie, bowling, putt-putt golfing or on a picnic are all nice changes to being in the office and can even revitalize your workers.

Extended Vacation

Although an extra paid vacation day is a huge gift to give to each employee, this year has been one unlike any other. A paid vacation day would make a major difference in many people’s lives after months of worrying and uncertainty.

No matter what you do for Employee Appreciation Day, make sure it is done with genuine care and gratitude. Take time to reflect on what your employees mean to you and find a way to let them know.





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