Agency Releases Rules for Temporary Marijuana Events

The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency released a bulletin Jan. 24 advising the public and those involved in the marijuana industry of the rules surrounding temporary marijuana events.

A person must be granted a marijuana event organizer license to be eligible to hold a temporary marijuana event in the state.

If a marijuana event organizer plans to hold a temporary marijuana event, the application for the temporary marijuana event must be received by the MRA at least 90 days before the first day of the event to ensure the MRA has ample processing time to approve and issue a license for the event prior to it occurring.

Additional rules that marijuana event organizers need to be aware of – and comply with – when preparing to apply for a temporary marijuana event include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Access to the event must be restricted to persons 21 years of age or older.
  • Marijuana sales or consumption may not be visible from any public place or non-age-restricted area.
  • A temporary marijuana event license shall only be issued for a single day or up to seven consecutive days.
  • A temporary marijuana event may only be held at a venue expressly approved by a municipality for the purpose of holding a temporary marijuana event.
  • All marijuana waste generated at a temporary marijuana event shall be collected and disposed of in accordance with the rules.
  • Marijuana establishments shall not allow the on-site sale, consumption, or serving of food or alcohol unless the establishment has the appropriate authorizations from other federal, state, or local agencies, as applicable.

Violations of these requirements may result in disciplinary action against the marijuana event organizer license or any other licensees participating in the temporary marijuana event.

Questions can be sent to the Marijuana Regulatory Agency via email at For more information about the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, visit



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