New Year, New You – 5 simple ideas for business resolutions

At the end of each year, we ponder what to make a resolution for in the new year. We reflect on what went well and what didn’t, and we often goal-set for losing weight, making more money, finding love, etc.

Do you do the same as a small business owner? Sometimes we lose sight of small things we can change while we’re worrying about the big picture. Here are five simple ideas that you can consider setting goals for.

  1. Social Media

Conduct an audit of your social media. What posts drew the largest results for you? What didn’t? Are you speaking to the right audience? Dive in and make changes, because for small business, social media can make a big difference.

  1. Customer Service

Are you proud of the way your business treats its customers? Consider setting some new goals to help your business stand out, from changing the way you greet customers in person or online to follow-up calls to find out if customers were happy with their service. Motivate your team to excel even further by providing the best service they can.

  1. Staff Reviews

Did you skip staff reviews last year because times were tough and you couldn’t give raises? Don’t wait any longer. It’s time to face them, discuss goals for the new year and consider other forms of compensation to get you through the tough times. Times were good? Then this will be an easier conversation, won’t it?

  1. Diet and a makeover

OK, we’re not talking about a physical diet, but if your business has fat to trim in the way of office clutter, it’s time for a fresh start. Clean, organize and donate or sell what you don’t need. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Place some new, local art on the walls. You’ll start the year off feeling organized and energized.

  1. Make Connections

Set a goal to attend more networking events, join a business group and even host an event. We live in a region full of vibrant people making big things happen. Networking helps you connect to others who can share tools for continued success.


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