Veterans Seeking State Jobs May Apply for Hiring Preference

Military veterans and spouses of disabled or deceased veterans seeking employment with the state of Michigan may be eligible for preferential hiring status through the Michigan Civil Service Commission.

Those who receive hiring preference may denote their status when applying for employment on the state of Michigan job openings website,

To be eligible, veterans must have served 90 or more calendar days of active military duty in the U.S. armed forces and have been honorably discharged from active duty.

Depending on the veteran’s status, an eligibility request must include the following documentation:

  • Eligible veterans released from active military duty must attach a copy of their DD Form 214-Member 4, NGB Form 22 or equivalent DVA form.
  • Veterans released from active military duty determined eligible for disability compensation by the Department of Veteran Affairs, Department of Defense or a branch of the U.S. armed forces as the result of a service-connected disability must attach copies of their discharge papers as well as documentation from the DVA or DOD of the current disability compensation or disability retirement.

A spouse of a disabled veteran who is classified 50% disabled or more could also be eligible for hiring preference. Spouses seeking preference should attach copies of their spouse’s DD 214-Member 4 or NGB Form 22, documentation from the DVA or DOD of current disability compensation and a marriage certificate. A surviving spouse of a veteran must also include the spouse’s death certificate.

A surviving spouse who has a child under age 18 must also include the child’s birth or adoption certificates or proof of legal guardianship.

To apply for veterans preference, go to




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