Here Comes Fall

There are things business owners should do now to prepare for cooler weather

Yes, it’s July. Yes, the dog days of summer are yet to set in. But eventually it will get cold, snowy and windy.

So start your fall and winter planning now to avoid the rush.

There are preventative maintenance chores that could be done while it’s beach weather instead of waiting until you are being reactive instead of proactive. After all, it’s easier to find an HVAC expert to check your heating system while the temps are in the 70s than it is when everybody needs a furnace repair.

According to Interstate Restoration, business owners should have the following maintenance done while it’s sunny and warm:

Furnace inspection–Late summer and early fall are the best times to have your heating system checked and fine-tuned. If problems are found, they can be repaired quickly and your employees don’t freeze while the furnace is down,

Check pipes and foundation–Michigan’s freeze-thaw-freeze pattern does a number on our roads and bridges. That same pattern can play havoc with your building foundation and pipes. It’s a chore you can do yourself, and might just prevent a bigger disaster and more widespread property damage if a weak pipe bursts as a result of freezing. Insulating pipes exposed to the cold and sealing the openings where they enter your building will also mean savings on energy costs.

Up on the rooftopThis is another inspection you could do yourself if you know what to look for and don’t have a fear of heights. You don’t want any leaks or weakness in the roof to cause damage to your property indoors. If you aren’t sure what issues to look for in your inspection, hire a professional to do the dirty work.

Optimize air quality and flowDuctwork can really get messy by a buildup of dust and dirt, which could affect air flow and air quality. Have a professional check your HVAC system to prevent issues during the colder months. You can find a checklist to help make sure you have a qualified contractor at the National Air Duct Cleaners Association at

Take care of the trees–If there are trees close to your business, you want to make sure they are properly pruned before the blizzards hit, causing damage to your building. Proper pruning can help improve the structural integrity of trees in anticipation of heavy snow, ice or winds while keeping your trees looking their best.




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