Bolstering your Account Security – Advice from MSUFCU

Have you ever given thought to the security of your accounts? Identity theft isn’t a new gig for criminals. The phrase was coined in 1964, and the incidences are growing rapidly and becoming more sophisticated.

The reality is, you are never completely safe from identity theft and credit card fraud. It’s always better to be prepared and know how to take immediate action if you ever do experience fraud and identity theft.

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union wants to give people the best chance at avoiding or dealing with issues should they arise. Deidre Davis, chief marketing officer for MSUFCU, offered her advice to residents.

“Although using common sense when protecting account information may be helpful, there are still a number of other ways we can secure our accounts and prevent problems down the road,” Davis said

Davis recommends shredding unneeded documents with personal and account information; reporting lost or stolen cards as soon as possible; knowing the signs of scams; keeping passwords and PINs private and inaccessible to others; checking accounts regularly to monitor activities; and installing anti-virus, anti-spyware and a firewall on your computer.

“MSUFCU offers a number of security measures and services that are designated to keep member information and accounts safe,” Davis said. “Our TrulyU security system adds an additional layer of protection to your account information and helps prevent unauthorized access to your account. It asks security questions that are set by and unique to you.”

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