Performance evaluations are important for both manager and employee

While some don’t need daily, weekly or even monthly kudos for a job well done, all staff deserve a yearly performance review. This benefits the employee in a multitude of ways, including inspiring them to reach new goals, improving the quality of their work and honoring the work they have done.

For the manager/owner, the benefits include identifying areas that are in need of change, recognizing communication issues, and establishing a corporate culture that makes your business one where employees want to work and want to exceed expectations.

There are several methods commonly used in performance reviews, including:


Ask employees to compare their performance to predetermined criteria. Did they meet goals in their own opinion? How can they improve? What do they need in order to improve? How can you help them be their best?

360-Degree Feedback

This method pulls feedback from outside sources like clients, peers and direct supervisors. This, along with an understanding of the employee’s skill set, work ethic and performance can paint a valuable picture.

Behavioral Checklist

According to, this checklist has criteria that an employee should strive for to be a diligent worker and is done without comparisons to other individuals. The requirements differ based on job type.

Management by Objectives

A modern approach all about goal setting, this review simply looks at goals set vs. goals achieved. This is a particularly easy way to evaluate a staff member.

Ratings Scale

This methodology is comparable to a report card. Based on a set of criteria from attitude to aptitude, the employer assigns each criterion a value of 1-10, with 10 being the highest grade.

Regardless of the method you choose, the conversation is important. It helps both employer and employee grow together, foster the working relationship, and maintain the company’s core values and projections.




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