Avoid the Summertime Blues at Work

How to Motivate Staffers Who Want to be Playing Outside

Remember back in school when the summer break was just a few weeks away? You daydreamed out the window, wishing you could be anywhere but in a classroom learning about algebraic expressions and variables.

The same thing happens to businesses. Employees want to be playing outside, taking advantage of the few short months when things heat up in Michigan.

In the words of Sam Cooke, don’t fight it – feel it. Make summer a time when you and your employees can take full advantage of the sun while still achieving their work deadlines.

According to Benefits Bridge, there are policies employers can institute to keep them happy and productive.

Sponsor an afternoon at a putt-putt golf course, says the Society for Human Resource Management. Other ideas include hosting the crew and families to a barbecue at the boss’s house or treat them to a Lugnuts game, complete with burgers and hot dogs.

It stays light out longer, so you could establish a flexible schedule that gives employees a choice of schedule hours. If they want to take the kids to the beach in the morning, let them work a shift starting at 2 p.m. If they want to work early, bring them in at 7 a.m. and cut them loose at 3:30 p.m. They’ll still have plenty of sunlight to get in 18 holes of golf.

Let them play hooky. Let employees know they don’t have to call in sick to take an occasional day off – give them permission (to a degree) to skip a workday without advance notice. Or if you’re afraid of a mass exodus on a particularly nice day, plan ahead and schedule the number of people who can have a skip day.

If you can’t let them play in the sun and warmth, try to let them work outdoors. With Wi-Fi and laptops, some employees can take to the picnic tables or any patio furniture that might be available and breathe fresh air and feel the sun on their faces while they work. It will do wonders for morale.

Work at home is another way to give your workers some summertime enjoyment. Let some schedule telecommute time so they can work from their decks or poolside instead of being stuck in the office. If conferences are a thing that cannot be avoided, invest in a video conferencing program so they can participate from afar.



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