State website helps workers develop soft skills

Pure Michigan Talent Connect has developed a 14-part online training resource to help people develop soft skills –personal attributes that enable people to interact effectively and harmoniously with others – to help ensure Michigan’s workforce is ready to succeed in the 21stcentury.

The free course is designed to help students and workers alike develop attributes that are important to business and industry.

The 14 learning modules are grouped into four categories – communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity – that state officials say are intangibles that are not necessarily taught in high school or college, but are essential to success as an employee.

The 14 interactive modules cover:

  • Humility– how to be approachable, authentic and open to alternate ideas/approaches.
  • Communication– the different communication styles and techniques and appropriate use of different communication methods.
  • Conflict– managing conflict and identifying a conflict-management approach.
  • Ethical character– identifying your core values and how they contribute to your principled character.
  • Problem solving– basic techniques to help employees be part of the solution.
  • Time management– this module suggests ways to use your time wisely and avoid procrastination.
  • Diversity and inclusion– recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.
  • Self-confidence– understanding the importance of taking responsibility for and pride in ourselves.
  • Teamwork– techniques for working well with a team of coworkers toward a common goal.
  • Positive attitude– learning how to approach work with a good attitude and displaying that positivity to coworkers and customers alike.
  • Initiative– discovering how being proactive can lead to more opportunity in the workplace.
  • Flexibility– recognizing that change is a normal part of work and understanding how to accept change gracefully and participate in modification.
  • Work ethic– being productive, reliable, diligent and loyal to organization’s purpose, mission, and values.

Pure Michigan Talent Connect is a collaborative effort of the Michigan’s Workforce Development Agency with the Talent Investment Agency and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. It is a launch pad for new jobs, careers and talent connecting Michigan’s job seekers and employers, and serves as a central hub linking all public and private stakeholders who support Michigan’s workforce.

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