Scooter licensing update from Lansing City Clerk

Spring has sprung. With that comes the usual signs of a new, warmer season – tree buds, birds, construction cones as we patch potholes … and the return of scooters to the area.

Scooter vendors have requirements to meet before their scooters are left around the city, however.

According to the office of Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope, applications for dockless electric scooter companies are now available online at in compliance with Lansing city ordinances. With no limit on the number of approved applicants, the approval process for business licenses can take up to 30 days.

Vendors do have 13 requirements to follow in an ordinance available online. Among them:


  • Provide a 24-hour service number for customers and the public to report safety concerns, complaints and ask questions


  • Respond to requests of incorrectly parked electric scooters or reports of unsafe/inoperable electric scooters by relocating, re-parking or removing the electric scooters, as appropriate, within two hours of receiving notice


  • Indemnify, defend and hold harmless the city against all liability, actions or claims resulting from the conduct or operations related to electric scooters by any person


  • Coordinate with the city to implement an educational campaign, at the vendor’s own cost, to inform the public regarding permissible parking locations, speed limits, safety equipment requirements and recommendations, and general courtesy.


The approved companies will also have to pay a monthly fee for every ride initiated in the city of Lansing. Profits from the monthly fee will go to the city’s “Complete Streets” initiative and maintaining and expanding the city’s infrastructure and rights of way used by electric scooters.



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