Chamber Reinforces Need for Regional, Statewide Investment

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce gave Gov. Gretchen Whitmer praise for her remarks made before a recent gathering of the Lansing Economic Club. The governor spoke to more than 700 mid-Michigan business leaders at the event held March 26 at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing.

“We commend Gov. Whitmer for her leadership and placing a strong emphasis on infrastructure, talent and education investment, and the importance to the future of our region and the state,” the chamber said in a statement “Investment in infrastructure, talent and education remain top priorities for the chamber and our members. In a recent survey, chamber members listed regional infrastructure, talent and workforce development, and education (K-12, higher education and professional trades) as the top three issues facing their business. We encourage Gov. Whitmer to work closely with Michigan delegates in Washington, D.C., to leverage federal funds to invest in our state.”

Whitmer has floated a 45-cent-per-gallon hike in fuel prices to raise an additional $2.5 billion annually to fix the state’s deteriorating roadways. While some in the Legislature have not embraced the proposal, Whitmer told the economic club she’s open to other ideas to road fixes.

“As our current infrastructure continues to crumble, the chamber supports increased investment in road and infrastructure funding, accompanied by strategic, well-implemented infrastructure asset management,” the chamber said in its statement. “We believe a thorough review of the transportation funding formula is in the long-term, best interest of the residents of the state and encourage Gov. Whitmer and the Legislature to consider the need for a more comprehensive road-funding plan to address the condition of all roads, including local roads.”

In addition, the chamber noted that the 1.75 percent business tax was suggested to offset the elimination of the pension tax, and pressed elected officials to find alternative solutions that would support innovation, economic growth and job creation.

“With skilled worker shortage impacting the bottom line of businesses across the state, we will continue to support strengthening K-12 education through investment, technical education and diverse pathways for secondary education,” the chamber said. “An effective, efficient and accountable education system that addresses educational needs and opportunities for Michiganders of all ages is critical to growing and strengthening the talent pipeline. The future of our region and state depends on it.”



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