Spiffy up your small business curb appeal

Small businesses usually have a punch list of the bare necessities to be a business. Solid business plan? Check. Accounting software? Check. Sufficient inventory? Check. Licenses and permits? Check. A lease on a storefront? Check again.

But what some entrepreneurs don’t necessarily pay attention to is curb appeal. Even if your business doesn’t sell anything flashy, it still needs something to attract customers.

Here are some easy-peasy recommendations from smallbiztrends.com:

* Add green: A hanging basket, containers or a window box will catch the eye of prospective customers.

* Get a welcome mat: Make people feel comfy by finding a unique and memorable welcome mat.

* Signage matters: If your sign is faded or boring, consider hanging a flashier shingle outside your office.

* Inject some color: Take a hint from Gillespie Group’s downtown buildings and make your storefront colorful. People will notice!

* What business? Make what you do clear by signs or by putting your wares in the storefront window. If customers don’t know what you do, they won’t be enticed to come in.

* Clean your windows: You want to show off your best, but how can that be if the windows are dirty? Make it routine to clean windows on a weekly basis, if not more often.

* Be dog-friendly: Even if Fido can’t come into your office, place an area where dogs can be tethered and put out a bowl of water.





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