SBDC Day celebrates centers of business assistance

They support the small-business populace and encourage sustained economic vitality.

Now they get to celebrate their accomplishments over the past year.

The third annual SBDC Day is set for March 20. SBDC Day is a national, collective proclamation of the success and impact Small Business Development Centers have across the nation in economic development and the small-businesses community, according to America’s Small Business Development Centers. The umbrella organization for the small-business assistance network across the United States was created through a partnership that includes Congress, the U.S. Small Business Administration, state governments and secondary education institutions.

SBDC Day will unite the nearly 1,000 SBDCs across the country and the hundreds of thousands of clients they serve by sharing the success stories and notable impacts SBDCs collectively have on the small-business community in the nation. The day will be celebrated with social media campaigns, public relations initiatives, online and in-person events, and more.

The Michigan Small Business Development Center is a statewide network of 11 regional offices that includes one serving the Greater Lansing region out of Lansing Community College. In 2017, the Michigan SBDC provided 37,152 hours of consulting to 5,820 client businesses, resulting in 4,787 jobs created or retained; $229 million in capital formation; and 423 new businesses started. The Michigan SBDC also provided online or in-person training to 7,305 entrepreneurs and small businesses across the state.

“The Michigan SBDC creates a significant impact on our state, and we are proud to have exceeded our 2017 goals,” Ed Garner, interim state director of the Michigan SBDC, said prior to last year’s SBDC Day. “SBDC Day provides a valuable opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of our team and celebrate the successes of our thousands of clients around the state.”

The Michigan SBDC provides consulting, business education, information-based planning and technology commercialization services to Michigan’s new business ventures, existing small businesses, growing businesses and innovators. SBDC services are available at no cost to entrepreneurs and small businesses in all 83 counties of Michigan. Job growth for SBDC clients nationally is nearly 10 times greater than job growth for average businesses, and SBDC clients’ sales growth is nearly four times greater than sales growth for businesses in general.

Businesses that have worked with the Michigan SBDC are invited to share how the SBDC has impacted their business using the hashtag #MISBDC and #SBDCDay, or by connecting with the Michigan SBDC on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. In addition, small businesses, partners and advocates are also encouraged to contact their local Michigan SBDC office to learn about upcoming workshops, special events, and other opportunities to engage with the SBDC.

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