Veterans bring unique skills, outlooks to civilian jobs

Employers seeking to fill job openings often target veterans. Those who have served in the military bring unique skills to the job. Here are just a few of them, according to

* Accelerated learning curve: In the military, you prove your ability to learn new skills and concepts. Veterans also have proven identifiable skills that can transfer to civilian jobs.

* Leadership: The military teaches people to lead by example, as well as how to direct and inspire others and delegate certain responsibilities. Most noncommissioned officers have already supervised on the squad or platoon level and have finely honed leadership skills.

* Teamwork: Veterans understand the genuine meaning of teamwork. They often depend upon the members of their team for their very lives in combat situations. The also perceive how teams relate to one another to reach their objective.

* Diversity and inclusion: Veterans have worked side by side with others of diverse race, gender, geographic origin, ethnic background, religion and economic status.

* Performance under pressure: Even if veterans did not serve in a combat zone, they have followed tight schedules under limited resources and know how to prioritize in pressure situations.

* Respect for procedures: In the military, people must be answerable to others, so they have gained a unique perspective on accountability. They know how policies and procedures enable an organization to exist and survive.

* Awareness of health and safety standards: Because of their extensive training, veterans are aware of health and safety protocols for both themselves and their colleagues. Individually they represent a drug-free workforce that understands the need to maintain personal health and fitness.

* Triumph over adversity: Over and over again, veterans have triumphed over great obstacles when they were in the military. They have proven themselves in mission-critical situations and have developed thought processes to navigate difficult situations. You can find out more by visiting

Employers in Michigan can become a veteran-friendly certified employer through Michigan Works! The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency will assist employers as they develop efforts to recruit and retain high-quality veteran candidates. Employers who meet the criteria will be allowed to use the Michigan Veteran-Friendly Employer logo to market themselves to potential veteran applicants. Find out more at Another program is Workshop for Warriors at The nonprofit organization works to rebuild the country’s advanced manufacturing workforce, one veteran at a time. Dowding Industries in Eaton Rapids participates in the Workshop for Warriors program, which trains, certifies and places wounded warriors into skilled trades jobs.


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