Now more than ever, change is inevitable. Businesses big and small must change and grow at a quicker pace to keep up with emerging technology, economic cycles and internal factors.

Though change is constant, a vast number of business owners find their employees struggle with it. Employees fear change because they feel left in the dark.

How can you help make the process smoother?

Step One: Transparency

When you announce company changes, explaining why you’ve made these decisions will go a long way in helping your staff understand your thought process.

Step Two: Recognition

Recognize the good work that was done with the previous business plan. It is possible to demoralize employees by leading them to think their efforts failed you. 

Step Three: Dialogue

Allow feedback. Your staff will feel more excited about change if they can play a part in it. Hearing them out will remind them they are trusted and valued.

Step Four: Training

A big element of change is fear. Ease fears by having training ready and available. Follow that training up with continued support.

Step Five: Go back to step one

You were transparent with the coming changes, now keep your employees in the know as the changes come. You’ll avoid internal gossip and conjecture as well as raise morale by not leaving your employees in the cold.

On the other hand – employees should also be transparent with management as far as questions and concerns they have and avoid gossip that only leads to low morale. It takes both a good management team and good employees to make flawless transitions in times of change.

Employees should also recognize an employer can not tell them absolutely everything, and should respect that fact.



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