An award of financial reporting achievement has been presented to Meridian Township and to the author of the report, Finance Director Miriam Mattison.

This achievement is not just any honor – it is the highest level of recognition for financial reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association.

The association was founded in 1906 with a mission of advancing excellence in state and local government financial management providing best practices guidance and consulting. The award’s mission is to encourage and assist state and local governments to go above and beyond the minimum requirements and recognize those that succeed in that goal.

It is required by law for local units of government in the state of Michigan to file a financial audit report. A Comprehensive Financial Report that includes statistical data, tax levies and debt is not required to be filed, but Meridian Township files such a report annually – an example of going above and beyond.

“There is a sacred trust when it comes to protecting tax payer dollars,” said Township Manager Frank Walsh. “This award exemplifies the outstanding work of our financial team led by Finance Director Miriam Mattison.”

An impartial Government Finance Officers Association panel judged the Comprehensive Financial Report  filed by Meridian Township.

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