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Larry Cushion Trophies and Engraving was established in 1958 as a part of Larry Cushion Sporting Goods. It is one of Lansing’s oldest continuously owned family businesses. From 1958 to 2000 it was owned and operated by Larry and Luella Cushion. Beginning in January, 2000, after the death of Luella Cushion, the business has been owned and operated by sisters Lauree Roney and Lee Ann Cushion, with the help of dedicated staff.

Roney and Cushion have come to realize just what awards mean to their customers. “Over the years, we have become aware of the happiness that recognition of an achievement brings to people of all ages, whether it is a sports trophy for a top-tier collegiate sports organization, awards for a Little League program, or a retirement plaque celebrating many years of service of an older person.” said Roney. “These awards are physical manifestations of accomplishments that people can treasure for many years.”

The business has made changes that keep up with technology; including the transition from hand engraved awards to computerized engraving, with software that allows Larry Cushion Trophies to customize awards in whatever style the customer chooses. The awards have evolved from wooden trophy bases and plaques with metal figures, to the availability of plastic, resin, crystal, and acrylic options.

Despite the many choices, Lauree and Lee Ann say that customers still choose traditional wooden bases and plaques despite the many choices.

Regardless of the final choice, customers recognize that awards are a tangible, meaningful way to show and feel appreciation that will never go out of style.

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