New Year’s Resolutions for Employers

Empowering your workforce to help ensure your talent pool runs deep should be the New Year’s resolution for every business owner; however, that’s a rather large – not to mention vague – hurdle to overcome. Instead, we’ve broken it down into bite-size resolutions for employers to consider in 2019. These are all very realistic and do-able goals. Yeesh, it’s not like we’re asking you to eat healthier or exercise more.

Make work more enjoyable

If the customer is king, you have to admit that the employee is, at the very least, a duke. Maybe an earl. The point is that employees are important and play a vital role in the overall success of your business. Their happiness, sense of worth and pride in their jobs play a key in their motivation and dedication. Trust us, they want to care about what they do, and they want to feel appreciated for the effort they put into a task. Make the time to honor hard work and achievement, and don’t be stingy with praise when it is deserved. Never underestimate the power of a kind word.

Make nonwork more enjoyable

Having a positive and motivated staff is a powerful tool for productivity and success. When employees are inspired and enjoy coming to work, they are going to give their best for you and your business. That brings up a small issue: It is yourbusiness, not theirs. Even though they have a job they enjoy performing, it’s still a means to an end for them. It gets the bills paid and puts the food on the table. Their true interests and the most important and fulfilling aspects on their lives are found outside of the office. Let them have nights and weekends free of phone calls, emails and texts from the office. Perhaps an early dismissal every now and then isn’t a shabby idea either.


When there is a vacuum of clear and concise information, rumor and gossip are sure to fill that void. Keep the flow of communication coming, even if it isn’t always pretty. If something is going south with a project or client, your workers are already feeling the bad juju a-brewin’. You might as well grind the wheels of the rumor mill to a halt by giving them the correct details too. At the very least, it can open up the possibility of having new minds and fresh ideas at the table offering potential solutions to whatever the issue may be.

Training and development

Investing in your talent by providing additional training and development paths for workers is not only beneficial for employees, it also has long-term benefits for your business. Allow them to train in areas that may fall a bit outside their job duties if they want. Having more people possessing skills in more than one area is never a bad thing. Assigning each person to a development path gives workers goals to work for as they grow and improve. And don’t forget to make sure your managers give feedback early and often. Feedback can help an employee refocus and it serves as one of the best tools in your arsenal to get better results.


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